Thursday, January 20, 2011

calculus: solids by cross section

This is something I've been picking away at for a few years now, and I finally realized that I could probably use Nick Jackiw's 3D plotting toolkit from the Sketchpad site, which has many great resources that hint at some of the powerful uses of this software. I've had one that never was complete enough or correct enough to post, so it's nice to get one that works nicely. This is a fun sketch. Don't mess with the function, but the cross sections can be changed for some variety and the real utility here is that it gives a look at this family of solids which come standard in AP Calculus, but are not very easy to draw. This is a GSP 5 file. Let me know if there are issues downloading it, I have posted it in a hurry and I am somewhat out of practice.

Download (GSP 5 file): calculus_cross_section_solid2.gsp
Download (GSP 4 file): calculus_cross_section_v4.gsp

Update: I changed the file by taking out a page of scratch work (an accidental relic) and I have included a link button to the Advanced Sketch Gallery, where you can find the 3D plotting toolkit.

Update 2: I have added a version 4 file.


  1. Nate, Saw your note about the new baby.... congratulations to the whole family, hope all is going well.

    Pat B

  2. Thanks, Pat, I posted to the wrong blog at first. We are blessed to have had a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl.