Sunday, September 26, 2010

geogebra embedding: minor victory

Well, I seem to have fixed my embedded GeoGebra applet for the Taylor Series (below a few posts) and I added the LSRL applet. The difficulty may have been in my blog layout, which was trying to scale the applet instead of expand to accommodate it. I am perplexed by XML, which is far less transparent than the HTML that I understand pretty well, but which is generally obsolete.

The embedded applet also seems to not work when you scale the page using a zoom tool in your browser. This means that other people may or may not have experienced the difficulties that I was seeing. It also means that no matter how I configure it, somebody else may have browser settings that mess it up. What is here at the time of this post works in both firefox and chrome... but it is a bit delicate, so don't click too hard or you might break it.

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