Wednesday, June 2, 2010

embedded geogebra applet

DISCLAIMER: Since posting this, I have tried to do more with GeoGebra in blogger with very dismal results. I tried to do my bit and contribute to the collective wisdom of the internet, but I'm afraid that embedding GeoGebra in blogger can be frustrating. For one thing, the size of the applet seems tricky. I adjusted mine and now the cursor location on the screen doesn't match the cursor location in the applet. The scaling is off or something and I wasn't able to fix it. Also, once I tried to "Edit" the post just to snag the code (because I wondered if it was different from that in "View Source") and the post changed itself in some vital manner without my consent. So proceed at your own risk as I continue to experiment.

I have seen a few interactive dynamic geometry applets in blogs from Kate Nowak (using GeoGebra) and squareCircleZ (using JSXGraph), the latter of which I just learned about from Ross Iseneggar's comment in my post from earlier today.

Kate's page gives simple instructions for embedding a GeoGebra applet in a blogger post, but I ran into a problem when I tried it. My sketch (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to call GeoGebra files 'sketches' but this is really disorienting for me as I am really more of a Sketchpad guy) was not complete, all but the Taylor polynomial showed up.

The export process refers to the .ggb file by name, but in the embedded applet you will need to (as Kate noted) provide the full url to the .ggb file. Additionally, the code from the GeoGebra-generated html file needed one or both of these two adaptations before it completely worked.

I changed:
to read:
and I changed the line in mine that said:
to match what Kate's says:

I'm not sure why the export code doesn't cooperate. I'm also not sure if my eventual solution works in other browsers, but for now I shall call it a minor victory.


  1. thought you would appreciate this:

    from lauren.

  2. Your suggestion above might cause problems in some browsers.

    You can now embed the GeoGebra sketch as a base64 encoded string, see here:

    which will hopefully work for you in Blogger :)

  3. I'm not sure which suggestion Anonymous is referring to, but yes, it did cause problems in my browser. I had it working smoothly and I thought I could resize the applet window, but I think that is where it started to unravel.

    In the end, I posted a warning that embedding geogebra is tricky or impossible in blogger and I haven't figured it out yet.