Friday, March 5, 2010

function - polar graphs

Download GSP5 file:
Download GSP4 file:

This sketch has been on my mind for awhile. I wanted to show the rectangular graph of a function fwoosh into a polar graph of the same function, illuminating the patterns and behaviors of the function which are visible in either type of graph. This sketch allows you to move in slow motion between rectangular and polar graphs, zipping or inching or pausing or otherwise enjoying the fluid movement of some fantastic math. Change the function and watch the familiar features of your favorite rectangular graph move smooothly into their polar places. Try functions like g(x)=1, g(x)=1/sin(x), g(x)=.3sinx+cos3x.

The GSP4 version is fully functional and it looks nearly as good.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I wish that Polar functions hadn't been pushed out of the Ontario High School curriculum.

  2. I love this idea...consider it stolen
    Thanks for a great resource

  3. This is the coolest website since Wolfram Alpha...

  4. You should invent the polar-euclidean continuum!