Tuesday, September 1, 2009

functions - transformations and sinusoids

Note: This is an old post, but I just discovered that I had linked to the wrong file.
This sketch is essentially a remake of a previous transformations sketch. After using the first one as a presentation tool in class on several occasions, I have finally gotten around to making it more presentation-friendly. The design is simpler, featuring more tabs that deal with vertical/horizontal dilations and translations individually. The basic function can be easily changed and the scales for each of the parameters can be edited. The sinusoidal axis is always visible on the transformed function. There is a box drawn around one period, and this can be hidden with a button. The unaltered sine curve is visible the entire time, and the transformed function can be returned to sin(x) with the click of a button. I have tried to design this with a tablet or interactive whiteboard in mind.
Keywords: sinusoid, transformation, dilation, shift, stretch, horizontal, vertical, input, output, translation, period.

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