Monday, July 20, 2009

statistics - scatterplot, lsrl, correlation


Download: Statistics_LSRL.gsp
Related Download: Statistics_Ztest.gsp
Related Download: Statistics_Normal_Distribution.gsp

This sketch has been my greatest GSP challenge to date, and it has expanded my impression of what GSP might be used to show. Seven independent points on a scatterplot can be manually moved around or sent to predetermined arrangements. The user can enhance an understanding of correlation and the implication of changes that is elsewhere not granted in such a dynamic and continuous setting. The sketch focuses on a visual examination of concepts whose calculations are otherwise prohibitively time-consuming and distracting.

Update: I have added a link for the .gsp file and a couple of related files (from other posts) after hearing that the zip link is bad. The zip link seemed to work on my mac, hopefully this fixes it.
Keywords: scatterplot, LSRL, least squares regression line, correlation, residuals, residual plot, transformation of nonlinear data, modeling, statistics


  1. I am unable to open any of the statistics zip files (normal, z-tests, & lsrl. Are these still accurate links?

  2. I added a link to the gsp file, hopefully that fixes the issue.

  3. Your new hyperlink says ".gsp" but it is actually a link to the same zip file above. Would you be able to update the link on this page for the LSRL and also the links on the pages for Normal Distribution and Z-Test?

  4. Thanks Will, it should be fixed now.